Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, I am a wine lover, dog obsessed and very much into horses and eating sushi on a very regular basis. I got into wine by no fault of my own. My grandfather came over to the US when he was young, barely escaping WW2. Lucky for me he landed in California and having heard through the grapevine that there were wineries, he set out to bring the love he had for wine, to Bakersfield, to share with friends and family. Unbeknownst to him, it would evolve into something pretty special that

I was passed the glass to run a few years ago.


I currently work for J & L wines which is home to and distributes a pretty awesome portfolio of central coast / California wines, in addition to some super cult-y wine collector stuff. I LOVE IT. Wine is my passion, my footstool at the end of a long day and more so, the stories and

people behind it are every bit as inspirational to me as they should be!


That being said, I am a modern day Noah's Ark; enter dogs, rabbit, frog, horses, plants and now a donkey. I somehow seem to attract dogs, animals in general. kind of in the way a cat hoarder attracts cats, mysteriously and by no fault of my own. I love my herd of randoms and the love and friendship they bring to my life. Without even knowing it, they are definitely a calming energy within my chaotic life. If I had a choice, which I will some day, I will have property and continue rescuing animals that need a loving home--

while drinking wine of course! #goals.

Lahola - life love happiness and all things perfection

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