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the difference between $10 vs $50 vs $100 bottles of wine

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

This post is going to be part 1 in a few parts series. There are obviously some questions and underlying things to discuss here, but for simplicities sake, I will start with this as part 1:

I don't want to be a wine critic, or even lumped into that same category. For me, wine should be enjoyed, simple as that. I am not here to bash anyones 'taste' in wine or pricepoint in wine, although I will most likely have a different opinion. The funny thing happens when you drink A LOT of wine on a regular basis, spitting or not, your palet changes and starts to take on a love affair with higher quality wines. I get asked the question a lot, what is a good wine? The answer to that is, whatever you like to drink. However, there is a difference between a $10 bottle of wine and a $50 bottle of wine. In simple terms, do you want a McDonalds cheeseburger or a grass fed organic cheeseburger? Do you want an apple from a local organic small production farm, or a mass produced apple that has chemicals sprayed on it to keep it from changing colors? A banana with dark spots all over it or a ripe yellow banana? Is this making sense?

I used to gauk at people who spent even $20 on a bottle of wine. I would think to myself, why the hell would someone pay $20 or more on a bottle of wine when this perfectly good Cupcake Red Velvet is $9 and suits me just fine. It was craziness! Then, I was gradually introduced to $15 bottles of wine, then $20, then $3o and so on. It was then that a funny thing happened. I went from drinking a $10 bottle of wine to drinking a $25 dollar bottle with a story, a family, a love affair with what they were doing and a lifelong dream they were accomplishing. THAT was the game changer for me. It was then that I fell in love with MEETING the people behind the bottles, SEEING the facilities, HEARING their stories, their triumphs and failures. The wine business is hard. It is hard, competitive and mean. But it is also a beautifully intriquing, organic, always changing, PROOF that hard work, persistance and passion pays off.

So yes, there is a HUGE difference between that 'Two Buck Chuck' and that $20 bottle of wine on the shelf.

That is another thing I am trying to do with this blog. I want to feature through the website inexpensive, small production finds but also, expensive gems. If you are at Vons, I want you to be able to quickly check out my site, scroll down to Vons, Trader Joes, Save Mart and see suggestions for you to try. Not sure WHAT you like? Email me. I love sharing my passion and showing and passing that passion on! Going on a trip to wine country? I can help with that too! My job gives me the advantage of having to immerse myself into this industry, especially here in California. There are so many great under the radar wineries who cant wait to show you what they do best!

Thank you for reading part 1! If you have any questions, please post them here or email me and I will include them as well as the answer on my next post :) - Cheers!


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