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chocolate, wine and sex

Did you know that being healthy does not have to be all about eating your veggies and working out? Many things we love doing are also actually good for us LIKEEEE wine, and chocolate and sex. I dont really care about the third element of this, well I do but get me around some wine and chocolate and I am a ravanous beast! And, since this is the month of all things love, what better then to talk about wine and chocolate and how the heck to best pair these two!

Of course, it's highly debatable whether any of these two past times will result in a longer lifespan; especially if you go overboard with the wine and chocolate. Then again, most individuals over 85 claim happiness was the key to their long life. I think it's safe to say that the above indulgences will keep you happy!

So, wine and chocolate. First, as we know they pair well together -- red wine and chocolate are the Romeo and Juliet of the eating/drinking world. They are obsessed with each other and when paired are a romantic love affair in your mouth. BUT -- you have to know WHICH wines pair with WHAT chocolates.

HOW TO PAIR: all chocolates have very intense flavors—think sweet, bitter, acidic, salty and fruity. That means that a wine, especially a dry wine aka NOT SWEET needs to also be NOT SWEET if it’s going to pair well with chocolate. What this means is pair sweet chocolate with sweet wines and not very sweet chocolate with not sweet wine.

Example: 70% dark chocolate with dry red wine OR milk chocolate with sweet wine. Always SWEET WITH SWEET. Most people love pairing Zinfandel with red wine since it falls into the lightly fruity borderline sweetish category and most dark chocolates do as well.

I hope this all made sense! On a side note, I actually learned a little bit here too as I am totally guilty of not giving AF and I just eat and drink what I like when I want it. This does help me though, as I hope it helps you, pick out which wines to pair or buy for your loved ones, or for yourself if you want to maximize and guarantee the best flavor out of both your wine and dessert!

If you have any wine related questions, concerns or just need suggestions reach out to me at: or via Facebook/Instagram messenger or through the contact form on this website :)

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